Week 2 progress report.

We are finally done taking stuff out of the pond hole, and now we’re putting stuff in it. The week started on track and the vault was delivered on Monday. It was pretty exciting having that show up and watching the the delivery crane swing it into place.  It was a really good feeling.

The bottom drain plumbing was finished up by Tuesday and we started bringing in fill dirt to shape the bottom of the pond. I’m a little disappointed with plumbing though. I think too much solvent cement was used on the joints, though I did some tests and they seemed strong enough.

Wednesday started a little rocky. One of the main workers (he’s also the backhoe driver) from Urban Escapes called in sick so we started a man down. We were able to get the trench under the vault filled in and reasonably compacted. Shortly after that one to many loads of fill dirt dumped was dumped in the hole and needed to be removed. While trying to remove the extra dirt, the trackhoe dug into one of the recently compact walls. This will present some challenges when trying to build this wall back up. After that three of us grabbed shovels and we shoveled dirt into the trackhoe bucket to be carried out.

Thursday ended up being a really nice day to work. The Urban Escapes crew arrived at 8:30 a.m. and decided project to too wet to work and decided to head home. The weather calmed down by mid morning and I started working on the structure on the vault. The electrician is showing up tomorrow to run power to the vault, and fix some of the issues with the existing pump box, so I needed to get this in a workable state.