Contact Us

IWGKS Mailing Address

P.O. Box 6060
Boise, ID 83707

IWGKS Contact List

If you have any questions, please email any one of our member contacts below.

President: Tom
Vice President: Katy
Secretary: Dawn
Treasurer: Michell

Show Chairman: Sot
Newsletter: Katy
Shop Keeper: Michell
Web Master: Zac

PNKCA Representatives

Sot and Paul

AKCA Representative


Historical Office Holders

Past President: Sot
Past Treasure: Paul

Community Services

Koi Health Advisors
Koi health advisors are people trained in Koi care and are available to anyone — member or non-member — at no fee.


Fish Rescue and Pond Removal

While we can’t actually remove your koi pond, we are happy to consult and try to re-home fish if you are removing a koi pond. Please contact us with questions!